If you are willing to spend the money on a professional hair color service at a salon, you need to protect your investment. If you complain to your stylist that your color is fading too fast, but then you reveal that you’ve been using drugstore shampoos and conditioners, she’s secretly trying not to cringe. You wouldn’t pour cheap motor oil into a Ferrari, right? Why would you throw down big bucks on hair color only to use cheap shampoo? Laden with chemicals and waxes, cheap products can actually strip the color out of your hair, leaving your locks limp and lifeless. Today, we would like to provide you with tips to take care of your hair so that you can show off your gorgeous color:


Don’t Wash Every Day

Some people simply don’t take this advice well, but it’s true. The more you wash your hair, the faster the color will fade. Although we live in a hot, humid climate in Florida, our stylists refrain from over washing their hair. You may be wondering how to keep your hair looking fresh and clean without washing it daily, and we have a solution for you. Simply apply a dry shampoo or some hair powder to your roots, and your hair will look just as great as it would appear if you had just washed it. In fact, you may find your hair easier to curl with a wand when it’s not squeaky clean, so give it a try.


Use Salon Shampoos and Conditioners Only

Instead of stripping your beautiful color with a cheap shampoo, buy high-quality salon shampoos and conditioners. Quality shampoos and conditioners are more concentrated and less watered-down than their drugstore counterparts, so you will not need to use much product. At Lena’s Salon of Vero, we sell Phyto products, which is a high-quality plant-based line. Not only are our products cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, they are also safe to use on color-treated hair. When using higher-quality products, your hair will stay healthier and shiner longer.


Deep Condition

About once a week, it’s a good idea to deep condition hair so that it receives extra TLC. Color-treated hair is more vulnerable to damage to begin with; if you use heat tools such as hairdryers or wands frequently, you could be damaging your hair even more. Regular conditioners soften the surface of the hair but deep conditioners penetrate the hair further, helping to moisturize and strengthen the hair.


Apply a Heat Protectant

Before applying any type of heat to your hair, you need to protect it from damage. Spray a heat protectant on your hair before you dry, curl, or straighten it. If you use a flat iron or a wand, check the temperature of your device. Some heat tools can reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees, which is simply too hot for your hair. Prevent yourself from frying your hair by reducing the temperature to a low or medium setting instead.


Would you like to freshen up your color and bring life back into your locks? At our Vero Beach hair studio, we’ll make you feel right at home while providing you with the best hair artistry available. Contact our hair salon today to book an appointment.