Has it been awhile since you’ve visited your local beauty salon in Vero Beach? Perhaps your last hairstylist moved far away or switched careers. Either way, you’re looking a little shaggy and would like a sleeker, more polished appearance. If you are looking for a new hair salon, check out Lena’s Salon of Vero. Our high-end salon pampers our guests so that they feel refreshed and rejuvenated when they walk out of our doors. Not only do we provide top-notch service, but we provide an amazing experience. Today we would like to discuss salon etiquette so that you can have the best experience possible during your visit:


You Can’t Go From Dark Hair To Platinum In One Visit (And It Cannot Be Done In One Hour)

Remember when Kim Kardashian went from dark hair to platinum blonde? We can promise you that it didn’t happen in an hour. Usually, transforming your hair from very dark to very light takes several visits to the salon. On the other hand, you could do it all in one step, but your hair could be severely damaged and break off. Especially if your hair is color treated to begin with, it could take several lightener applications to break through the underlying pigment.


Don’t Bring Your Small Children With You

We want to pamper you, and you simply cannot relax when your toddler is reaching his sticky fingers for the sharp edge of a hair stylist’s shears. Salons are full of hazards for small children, including hot tools, sharp scissors, and dangerous chemicals. If your kid is with you at the salon, we recommend that you bring a friend or family member to watch your little one.


When You Say, “Do Whatever You Want,” You’re Setting Us Up For Failure

When you tell a stylist to do whatever she wants with your hair, are you willing to chop your waist-length hair into a pixie cut? How would you feel about going from platinum blonde to fire engine red? Our stylists want you to love your look, so try being a bit more specific. Let her know if you prefer having longer hair or if you wear it mostly straight. We can definitely find you a look that you would like, but try doing a little research beforehand.


There Is No Haircut That Lasts For An Entire Year

My goodness, wouldn’t we all love it if your haircut looked good a year after your appointment? Sometimes people expect us to create haircuts that will last for more than a few months, but all good haircuts grow out eventually. If you are worried about not getting an appointment with your stylist when you need it the most, always pre-book your appointment in advance. Men’s haircut appointments may need to be booked every 3-4 weeks, but women with longer hair can usually go for 6-8 weeks in between appointments.


The bottom line is that we want your salon experience to be as peaceful and relaxing as possible. Following these guidelines ensures that you will always leave the salon happy. Take your appearance to the next level by making an appointment at our Vero Beach hair studio today.